This is the starting nation you guys live in and will explore.

Here's just a quick info rundown

The kingdom is very young it was founded within the past generation of current inhabitants.

The political system is mostly self policing, government does not involve themselves in citizens everyday life

The dominate economic influences in this world are the trade guilds, they have businesses in every town, each guild has their own house of business.

The rulers of the nation are a council of trade guild elders that represent each race.

The nation was founded by several groups of wondering tribes of each race coming together to protect each other and live.

The citizens are generally happy, with grumbling here and there, but overall happy and content, they also have an overall good quality of life

Religion has been banned all together, but most citizens still worship privately.

Races are peaceful to one another but generally stick to there own kind, with each sticking to their own sections within villages and outposts.

Social classes are determined by wealth.

Social outcasts are traveling merchants.

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